Our Process

We work collaboratively with you.

We are so much more than a manufacturer, we listen to what you need, where you want to go and help give you the coffee products and advice to get you there. Discretion and transparency are key to any long-term successful relationship and that is how we view all our customers, because your success is our success.

We sit down and assess your needs, discuss your flavour profile and work with you on the right coffee solution*.

With a team of certified Q and R graders, we can either match your blend composition, or design a new one based on your desired flavour profile. We source high quality, sustainable coffee from all over the world.

Samples are created and trialled to ensure we have captured the right taste profile and to showcase functionality.

Once this is complete and you have signed off on your blend(s), we send you all carton specifications so you can create your packaging design in the chosen format.

We commence production and send you updates, testing notes and documentation for complete transparency.

For every production, batch samples are set aside for analysis of roasting colour, residual moisture and granulometry (for ground coffee). The blend is verified according to the agreed standards in order to ensure you receive the same profile as signed off on.

Product is shipped ready for you to sell.

*Please note minimum order requirements apply for both beans and capsules.

Want to work with us?

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send us an email and we can arrange a meeting.