Technology at the forefront of new trends.

One thing we know very well is the compatible capsule market and our continuous investment and research into innovation, has seen us produce high-quality, market-leading capsules keeping at the forefront of machine updates, new technology and market demands.

All our capsules are hermetically sealed and produced and packed in airtight facilities, ensuring the coffee is at optimal freshness. Each of our compatible capsules have a 720 day shelf life from the date of manufacture.

We offer compatible capsules for
the following systems


Dolce Gusto®*


K-fee®* /

A Modo Mio®*


Given our production capabilities, we can also offer different pack sizes for Nespresso®* Compatible, producing in boxes of 10/ 30/ 50/ 100 capsules pending your requirements.

Nescafe® Dolce Gusto®*

We also have the capabilities within the Nescafe® Dolce Gusto®* compatible range to offer a variety of soluble solutions to complement your coffee range. From chai to herbal teas and hot chocolate, we are able to work with you to create a complete offering to suit your customer requirements

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*None of these brands or company’s nor their affiliates have manufactured, endorsed or are in any way associated with any of these products.